In her paintings Elisabeth Sula embarks on a journey into an inner world, albeit by displaying it in quite decorative patterns and with powerful colours. What is important to her, as an artist, is the individual’s search for meaning. She wants to point out that each and every human being is sent into our world with a specific mission. She puts special emphasis on the spiritual growth, the inter-relation of the inside and outside, on not being disconnected and on the respective angle, by means of which any connection is established.

Spatial depth is expanded as if many rooms were superimposed upon or beyond each other – creating or eliminating one another, constantly developing anew and creating a depth, which becomes more and more profound. When looking at her paintings we enter deeply into a cosmos of emotions, sensations, dreams and desires. Elisabeth Sula shows us these spiritual spaces in a clear, clearly distinct and poetic language so that they move us by also exuding a certain healing quality.

(Angelica Bäumer)