Calendar 2015

A new year has just begun! Everything is open, no longer encumbered by the flotsam and jetsam of the old. It is full of hope and unfolds to offer all its possibilities and opportunities towards an eternally new beginning which we unfailingly expect. There are but a few paths cutting through the great blue plain; paths some of which might just as well be bridges reminding us that we are not compelled to start from scratch, that we can look back upon experience and lessons learned, yet also will be curious about new things to come.
“In art you can only reach profundity when you fathom your own inner depths.” This notion of Elisabeth Sula could be the motto of her paintings, and she gained this insight both during her studies – apart from studying painting with Oswald Oberhuber, she also studied philosophy in Vienna – and during her manifold and long stays in Asia. It was in India, in particular, where she found a spirituality which is largely missing in Europe; a spirituality which, despite all problems and worries of everyday life, leads to the conclusion that life without a spiritual dimension is bound to degenerate into materialistic superficiality.
Elisabeth Sula has brought this experience and insight to bear on her art.

With her calendar consisting of six series each of which comprises two paintings, Elisabeth Sula is roaming through interior development processes to mirror exterior metamorphoses in nature. A dynamic silence emanating tranquility, but at the same time rather tangibly incorporating impulses of the new beginning, the thriving of consciousness, the light of awareness, the flow of life, the mystery of transformation, the knowing field which shows that all beings are interconnected.
If we let her plunge us into each and every one of the paintings which exemplify winter, spring, summer and fall, then we are presented with what Elisabeth Sula has always wanted her artwork to bring to light: the meaning of life and the depth of the moment, emotion and spirit, order and freedom, things unconscious transcending into consciousness.  
And, true to her generic style, Elisabeth Sula generously dips the year’s cycle into the vat of her strong colors. She uses sponges, brushes and rollers to apply red, blue, magenta, and yellow, thus transforming the year into a blaze of colors. She makes do without objects; it is through composition and light that she creates reality; it is thus that she imparts the depth of awareness, the sincerity of art, but also the joie de vivre.

Angelica Bäumer
Cultural journalist and author